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AutoRankUp, allows your players to automatically rank up based on time(there will be more functions to this)
This plugin uses the plugin Plan to grab the "active" time they've played. So the AFK time will not be counted.
  • Supports network wide broadcast when someone ranks up(BungeeCord)
  • Can perform commands for the permission plugin(rank plugin), Running a command in console to rank players up.
  • Supports vault to rank players up.
  • Can customize all messages.
  • Enable/Disable messages.
  • Check if the player is eligible for rank up when they connect.
Setup (You've done this a million times probably)
- Vault (Optional)
1. Download the plugin, and drop it into the plugins folder
2. Restart the server.
3. Stop the server, and configure the config file.
4. Start the server again.
Depends on what kind of permission plugin you use!
Remember to configure weight for groups, so the permission plugins knows what
group is "primary". How the permission plugin sets primary may vary from
plugin to plugin. Just remember to configure that properly, and this plugin will work just fine!
This has been mainly tested with LuckPerms, so if you guys encounter some weird behavior  using other permission plugins please lett me know, so I can make the best experience for everyone!
Commands / Permissions
/timecheck playerName  -  autorankup.check  -  Gives you how long the player has played. total/active/afk
/autorankup  -  autorankup.admin  -  Prints out plugin version
/autorankup reload  -  autorankup.admin  -  Reloads the config from disk
There are no permission for this plugin to work. Just configure the ranks
and so on in the config.yml
Config file
# AutoRankUp
# made by 1stian
# https://ohneemc.com
  # Log rank ups to console? It will still print if something is wrong.
  console: true
  # How frequent do you want it to check for rank ups. In minutes.
  frequency: 5
  # Check if a player is eligible to rank up when they connect.
  login: true
  # Broadcast to all when a player ranks up?
  broadcast: true
  # You can color code these messages.
  # {player} - Being replaced with the player who's ranking up.
  # {rank_to} - Is the group the player ranked up to.
  broadcastmessage: "&b{player}&a, just ranked up to &6{rank_to}"
  # Whether or not to send a message to the player who ranks up.
  player: true
  # Message for the player who ranks up.
  playermessage: "&aGood job! &b{player}&a, you just ranked up to &6{rank_to}"
  # What placeholder to use, when grabbing a players rank. Example placeholder for LuckPerms: %luckperms_primary_group_name%
  group: ""
  # If you want to send the broadcast message to your bungee network.
  broadcast: false
# Use vault for ranking up players.
  # If this is enabled, ensure you have vault installed! The command setting on each rank will be disabled.
  enabled: false
  # The default rank of the server.
    # The time in days, hours, minutes and seconds. Don't change the format, only the numbers!
    time: 0d 3h 0m 0s
    # The rank you want to put them in.
    to: regular
    # Command to send to the console on rank up. Example for LuckPerms: lp user {player} parent set {group}
    # Make sure you put {player} and {group} where they need to be in your command.
    command: ""
    time: 1d 4h 0m 0s
    to: trusted
    command: ""

# Please do not change or delete this!
ConfigVersion: 1.0
Feel free to leave suggestions/pull requests and so on!
That will be very appreciated.
Plans ahead
There will be some more functionality to this plugin.
But the core functions that it is meant to do, is in place!
  • Supporting more plugins, so if players do one sort of task a lot, they'll be getting a different rank and or a suffix and so on.
  • Test command, simulating a player. The command will be "/autorank test 2d 4h 34m 1s" This will test the rank configuration to see if it works as you intended. And of course you can specify whatever time you want. if zero days, specify it like 0d 4h 30m 15s
Feel free to come with suggestions on what plugins you guys want this to support, and I will happily try to make it work!
Please leave a rating/review, thanks!

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